Our new solar-inspired mosaics


A thoughtful, witty and uplifting art installation has now transformed a wall of the Primrose offices. The set of mosaics by artist Cleo Mussi have been created to reflect the essence of Primrose’s approach to solar farms, with abundant wildlife and wildflowers surrounding a workman in a high-vis jacket and wellington boots.

Cleo explains their significance: “The installer is the main reference point – he is a ‘Green Man’ with leaves coming out of his mouth. His head is phrenological, featuring significant thoughts like energy, sustainability and biodiversity. Within his palms are a slice of a solar panel, showing the copper conductors channelling energy from the sun for man’s usage. The buttons on his uniform show bees, birds, badgers and other animals from the UK which thrive in the meadows around the solar panels.

“He is surrounded by grazing sheep, a hare, native wildflowers like yellow rattle, and of course a primrose plant, and bees – while the lightbulb sun is a joyous Mexican celebratory image providing a naïve burst of energy.”

Cleo is known internationally for her maverick approach to mosaic-making. Her projects are on show in public spaces such as hospitals and schools and other commissions have included the BBC Asian Network and John Lewis in Solihull. This is her first-solar farm inspired work. She has worked on the mosaic for several months – most of the ceramics she uses are recycled tableware and it takes time to accumulate the right pieces with the appropriate details.

Giles Clark, Primrose CEO, tells why he commissioned the artwork: “I was already familiar with Cleo’s work, because we’ve got some at home, and I just love it. I asked her to make something for Primrose because what she does is very, very English, and because she already works with themes around nature and sustainability. Her animals are full of character and interesting details and references. I particularly love the sheep!”

                                                       two med lambs
Cleo adds: “Many businesses don’t appreciate the value of creativity and art in the working environment. For me it was wonderful to work with a smaller company whose values and ethos I share. I admire Primrose for deciding to invest in artwork that people will enjoy and that can provide a talking point. More business should have art in their offices.”

 small bee